Youth-LEAD Fellowship Program

Youth-LEAD Fellowship Program

Young people are often referred to as “the leaders of tomorrow”. Consequently, they have come to see leadership and responsibility as a thing of the future, a thing to grow up to. This abdicative upbringing creates no urgent need for them to lead from where they are so when the future comes eventually; it meets them unprepared because they have not been duly equipped. We strongly believe that children are not just leaders of tomorrow but also leaders of today.


As part of Education for Change drive to develop young leader to be self motivated and ready pursue a value based life, the Youth – LEAD program is designed to prepare them for self discovery, civic engagement and leadership. This will enable them to take up participatory roles in their communities. The six-day long and eleven month mentorship program will equip participants to dream global and start local, to see change from where they are and to mobilize fellow students to TAKE ACTION.



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