Our App Services

Education for Change app has various features such as finding a tutor, various available scholarships, sharing platform, university admissions information and education system information provided by government for non-Chinese in Hong Kong. 

Tutoring services

The Education for change foundation provides an app which caters the various educational related needs of students targeting primary and secondary students. The app was developed to ease the burden of parents and students of primary and secondary school all over the Hong Kong in terms of finding the tutors who can speak multiple languages and facilitate the communication between tutors and students so parents who is unable to speak local or English language is able to keep tabs and academic progress of their children.

Sharing platform

EFC sharing platform is designed to Students who can share their academic difficulties and discuss among the students and give and get ideas and suggestions from senior and junior students


EFC provides list of scholarships available and makes it handy for students who do not need to spend lots of hours on spending time on it. 

School and University Admission information

EFC also provides information on schools and university admission information. Where it can be accessible for parents and students. If parents need further information or have any enquiries EFC team is ready to help them. 


EFC inspires to share stories and advices to students from various individuals who could aspire them. EFC publishes blogs and articles periodically to entertain and motivate the students.