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Tuition Culture: Observations of Non-Chinese Students in Hong Kong

In all the 8 years I have spent in Hong Kong, there was one thing that made me very curious about… It is all around us but we still don’t know what exactly it is… That peculiar thing is the Tuition Culture in Hong Kong. Now, wait! I am not talking about it as a whole, as the tuition culture is quite massive in Hong Kong. In fact, it is everywhere around us. We see it in fast-food restaurants, on bus advertisements and many more. What catches my attention is the absence of this tuition culture for the Non-Chinese Speaking Students (NCSS).

This is the one place, where there is a lack of material on. What I mean to say is that, whilethe tuition culture in Hong Kong is everywhere around us, you don’t see any of it being focused on NCSS Students. But this is also because of the general Hong Kong demographics, which is 90%+ Chinese. Meaning that the local Chinese tuition culture will, of course, be well highlighted. However, the NCSS one is lost. Though, that doesn’t mean that this particular group isn’t part of the tuition culture. In fact, NCSS tuition culture does exist. For example, I have seen this particular culture at a part-time job of mine, which is an NGO for the Non-Chinese, where there is dedicated time for NCSS primary school children to come and study, under a dedicated teacher. They do what normal children at tuition do, do their homework and some further work on their school materials.

This system is quite prominent in centres dedicated to Non-Chinese people in general. With Education for Change (EFC), we want to give a better platform for the NCSS tuition culture to thrive. We want to encourage this tuition culture, and to be a bridge between NCSS students and the local education system