About Us

Welcome to Education For Change

Let us know what educational difficulties you are facing and we will be glad to help.

Who Are We

We are a community willing to help and provide students with useful information and to help show them a clear pathway.

Our Mission

To support and facilitate the struggle of Non-Chinese students and parents of Ethnic Minority community in Hong Kong providing tutoring services in different languages providing educational services that create a safe, supportive and a positive environment for positive.

What We Do

We connect students who are facing educational difficulties to experienced teachers, who would be able to help boost students confident level and to provide useful informationĀ 

Why choose us?

We maintain useful information such as scholarship’s and latest news regarding Ethnic Minorities on both our website and AppĀ 

We provide 24/7 Live support service at your preferred languageĀ 

students -> confident -> their preferred language