About Us

The Education for Change Foundation was created in 2018 after winning the ‘Social Innovation Project’, a youth mentor and mentee project. The competition was organized by ‘The Zubin Foundation’ – a Charity think-tank to facilitate the needs of the Ethnic Minority community in Hong Kong. 


Team Education for Change named then introduced the problem as the Ethnic minority community have gap in understanding the education system here in Hong Kong and various other educational related problem and therefore introduced to develop an app and help the community. 

The Zubin Foundation awarded HKD 50,000 to implement the solution. Education for Change Foundation was initially co-founded by Srijana and Rajan, two ambitious ethnic minority youths and now the team has expanded and has 8 members.

The app that Education for Change Foundation built has various features which supports students in different fields, such as a tutoring service where tutors are from various backgrounds and speak multiple languages. There are also scholarships and admissions information, sharing platform and a blog section where students can read other’s stories and can be inspired. The team of 7 believes that their work is going to be really helpful and will definitely ease the difficulties of students and parents.

The Education for Change Foundation team of 7 has two brilliant mentors, Soundari Mukherjea and David Harilela assisted by Jamie Wu who, comes from different backgrounds and helps the team with ideas and suggestions.