A Book for Change Campaign 2016

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A Book for Change campaign starts today April 1st 2016, this is definitely not a prank!

A Book for change campaign is an initiative of Education for change set up to support education in rural Nigeria through awareness and advocacy, collection of new and used books that will be donated to schools and also used to set up Libraries to create access to more study materials for disadvantaged young people and children in the rural areas.

Our goal this year is to start 10 reading hubs or community libraries in various communities in Benue state. We are excited because we believe a more literate Benue is possible.

2015 was a wonderful year, the campaign gave birth to a community library in Adoka Benue state, the library now provides access to relevant educational materials for students teachers and members of the community.


How can you be part of the campaign?

  1. Volunteer
  2. Organize a book drive on our behalf click here to organize an effective book drive download toolkit below.
  3. Donate a Book
  4. Donate Cash click here
  5. Promote the Campaign use the hashtag #ABookforChange on various social media
  6. Share your literacy story with us




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